So a few of you know this by now but I am currently working on my debut novel which will come out later this year. It will be a 100,000 word long space opera and I currently have no synopsis so I am about to ramble about what it is about. It probably sounds dead cheesy but hey ho, its a work in progress.

The galaxy is at war. Humanity and Hatham industries are at a state of mutually assured destruction with weapons of mass destruction only a button press away from wiping out both sides, but when a mysterious cylinder that has the potential to turn the tides in the war arrives at the United States Federation command, with moles and informants around every corner the task of courier is given to the only human being alive who can be trusted.

Major Cooper has been called many things, celebrity, monster, hero. All of which are true. After decades of service in the Titan super soldier program she is weary and past her prime, but she has it in her for one final mission.

However after starting her journey almost immediately the ship she is on is attacked and destroyed by an unknown enemy. She is the soul survivor and by a manipulation of information, she is framed as the one who orchestrated the genocide against her own people.

From humanities greatest hero to the galaxies most wanted she must overcome overwhelming odds to complete her mission for the fate of her entire species rests upon her shoulders. But when she discovers the true nature of the package as the mystery unwinds, her whole life is turned upside down.

Please do bare in mind that was just off the top of my head and is not something I put huge thought into. Hope your exited for it :)